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EDUCongress, September 18-21, 2024 / Dicle University

About us

About us

EDUCongress is an international congress aimed at contributing to the future of education by sharing national and international experiences under the guidance of science. It adopts the concept of collaboration, with the essence of cherishing education and educators, teaching constructively, learning and teaching, and emphasizing commonalities, not differences.

EDUCongress, a sub-brand of EDU Publishing, is an academic platform created by the team that brings together years of academic and congress experience to contribute to the field of education. EDUCongress aims to develop with the participation and support of faculty members from different universities at home and abroad and with the efforts of the congress team.

In addition to promoting the dissemination of knowledge in educational sciences, EDUCongress aims to collaborate with organizations working to educate disadvantaged groups and improve their quality of life.

EDUCongress’s Vision is to “Build strong connections between educators.”

EDUCongress’s Mission is to assemble all stakeholders of education that operate in the field of Educational Sciences in qualified and scientific content, respond to academic needs, and bring together experts and participants in pleasant and decent environments.

In line with this Vision and Mission, our values are;

  • To promote policies, principles, strategies, and best-practice standards in educational sciences at the national and international levels,
  • To produce publications that constitute a database of research and projects in the field of educational sciences,
  • To create teamwork in which academics play a crucial role,
  • To value science, scientists, and scientific institutions,
  • To respect for production and those who work and produce,
  • To develop scientific solutions to educational problems,
  • To work with a cooperative learning approach, not an individualistic one,
  • To emphasize commonalities rather than differences,
  • To Provide congress services at an international level and content in educational sciences.