Themes - Educongress
EDUCongress, September 18-21, 2024 / Dicle University


Conference Theme: A Proper Education: Scientific, Inclusive, Sustainable


Innovative Teaching Methodologies
Active Learning Strategies
Project-Based Learning
Collaborative Learning Environments
Flipped Classrooms
Inclusive Education
Differentiated Instruction
Culturally Responsive Teaching
Gamification In Education
Blended Learning
Assessment and Feedback Strategies
Formative Vs. Summative Assessments
Peer Assessment and Feedback
Learning Analytics and Data-Driven Decision-Making
Curriculum Design and Development
Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Teaching
Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills
21st-Century Skills Development
Social-Emotional Learning
Metacognition and Self-Regulated Learning
Digital Literacy and ICT Integration
Open Educational Resources (OERSs)
MOOcs and Online Learning Platforms
Personalized Learning
Professional Development for Educators
Teacher Training and Mentorship
Teacher Evaluation and Accountability
Classroom Management and Discipline
Emotional Intelligence in Education
Educational Leadership and Administration
School Climate and Culture
Parent And Community Engagement
School Safety and Crisis Management
Early Childhood Education
STEM Education and Initiatives
Language Acquisition and Bilingual Education
Literacy And Reading Comprehension Strategies
Creativity And Innovation in Education
Arts Integration and STEAM Education
Career And Technical Education (CTE)
Life Skills and Character Education
Equity And Social Justice in Education
Special Education and Accommodations
Gifted And Talented Education
Education Policy and Reform
International And Comparative Education
Educational Research Methodologies
Action Research in Education
The Role of Educational Technology
The Future of Education and Emerging Trends
Music Education: Pedagogy, Methods, And Technology
Drama And Theater Education: Creative Expression and Collaboration
Physical Education: Promoting Health and Wellness
Mathematics Education: Effective Strategies For Teaching And Learning
Science Education: Inquiry-Based Learning and Scientific Literacy
Social Studies Education: Critical Thinking and Global Citizenship
Language Arts Education: Literacy, Writing, And Communication Skills
Visual Arts Education: Fostering Creativity and Visual Literacy
Dance Education: Movement, Expression, and Cultural Understanding
World Languages Education: Promoting Linguistic and Cultural Diversity
Environmental Education: Fostering Sustainability and Ecological Literacy
Financial Literacy and Economics Education
Media Literacy and Critical Analysis Skills
Health Education and Wellness Promotion
Moral And Ethical Education
Citizenship Education and Democratic Values
Sexuality Education and Gender Identity
Indigenous Education and Cultural Preservation
Multicultural Education and Global Perspectives
Anti-Bullying and Violence Prevention Programs
Conflict Resolution and Peace Education
Human Rights and Social Justice Education
Entrepreneurship And Business Education
Mindfulness And Meditation in Education
Outdoor And Experiential Learning
Service Learning and Community Engagement
Religious Education and Spiritual Development
Philosophy And Critical Thinking in Education
Gifted Education Across Disciplines
Integrating Technology in Discipline-Specific Teaching
Instructional Design for Discipline-Specific Learning
Professional Learning Communities in Specific Disciplines
Assessment And Evaluation in Discipline-Specific Education
Curriculum Integration and Interdisciplinary Connections
Educational Standards and Benchmarks in Specific Disciplines
Distance And Online Learning in Discipline-Specific Education
Accessibility And Accommodations in Specific Disciplines
Strategies For Addressing Learning Difficulties in Specific Disciplines
Supporting Diverse Learners in Discipline-Specific Education
Discipline-Specific Research and Emerging Trends